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Everyone wants to upgrade their flat, but if done blindly you will face a mountain of debt upon retirement. How do you safely upgrade without compromising on your monthly cashflow & have a fully paid property by 55yrs or before retirement?

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Upgrading

  • How Much Is Your Monthly Instalment For The Next Flat Exactly?
  • Can You Pay Off Your Loan and Be Debt Free Before 55 Years Old?
  • Do You Need to Top-Up Cash When You Upgrade?
  • How Much Will Your Final Cash Be After Paying HDB Admin, Legal Fees, Lawyer Fees & Agent Fees?
  • What If You Are Out of Job or Something Bad Happens to You? Who Will Pay For Your House Then?

Don’t Upgrade at All If You Don’t Know the Answer to ANY of the Questions Above

Upgrading HDB is hard? Not anymore with HDBHero System!

Imagine now you are 55 years old, you have a HDB flat but still there is an outstanding loan, you worked hard all your life, paid your HDB flat without fail using full CPF but yet, now, even when you are looking to downsize to a smaller flat you can’t retire. You are not alone. It is already happening to our elders. That’s why Heikal & Elfi joined forces and started HDBHero back in 2015 and 3 years later we have helped hundreds of Malay muslim HDB upgraders grow their families in better homes without worry about their retirement. It’s no ordinary planning, our system works.

About HBDHeroHeikal & Elfi

Heikal Shafrudin

ERA Reality Network Top 100 Achievers (2018) PropNex Top HDB Transactors (2009-2018) Co-Founder of HDBHero (2015) Full Time Real Estate Agent since 2010

Elfi Abdullah

Founder of HDBHero (2015) ERA Senior Marketing Director Licensed & Full Time Real Estate Agent since 2011

The HDBHero System

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From 2010 to 2015, Heikal & Elfi were separately transacting investment properties in Districts 1 & 2 (Marina Bay & Tanjong Pagar), frequently dealing with investors and expat rentals.

For the longest time, that was the only thing we were exposed to within Singapore’s Real Estate Market.

Within this 5 years, while dealing almost exclusively in the Private Market, we started to deal with more and more home buyers. Helping families across all economic status achieve their dream homes was a process we enjoyed more, over hunting for properties for a quick profit.

Eventually, as the Private Market turned, we pooled resources and took the opportunity to apply our property-related financial expertise in the HDB Market through Facebook and video marketing.

Our first video on YouTube was in August 2015!

Our first 7 HDB cases were exclusively elderly Malay home-owners above 55 years old.

Their cases were turned down by other agents due to the complexities of the CPF regulations affecting Seniors in Singapore. That’s when we realised many in our senior generations are still working FULL TIME PAST RETIREMENT AGE to pay off their housing debts before they can even think of making ends meet.

One retiree Pakcik from Simei who was finally debt-free after downgrading through us, called us his “HDBHero”.

The common story with this group was, all of them bought their current flats after profiting from their past sales, but none took time to understand their mortgage obligations.

Everyone took the longest loan available and ended up needing to pay off till they were well into their 60s, or even worse, some took a short loan and high mortgage but had zero reserves and when retrenchment came along, everything went wrong.

This was when we realised all of our clients had ZERO planning when they upgraded/shifted houses after their first flat in their 30s-40s.

Together, we realised many elements of financial planning and strategies used for our investor clients would be highly applicable for home upgraders. And we decided to focus our energies helping home owners upgrade to bigger flats and ensuring they can retire without any stress of entering retirement in debt.

We are aware many watch our videos and make plans on their own, we wish to highlight that our videos are 90% marketing material and the real knowledge comes in during our sales calculations & planning stages.

Please share our videos with your friends, relatives and personal agents too!

Knowledge is nothing if it is not shared with others.

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I didn’t know what I didn’t know

We were collecting keys to our next BTO flat, called HDBHero to help us sell. During the 1st meeting they insisted to go through our plan and within 30 mins of the analysis it was clear, using clear numbers, I was going to potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 10 years if I continued with my plan. Now we are EC owners with comfortable monthly payments. Don’t assume your plan is the best until you meet HDBHero.

Mr Suffian, from 4A to EC

Be careful of who you take advise from..

At first my friends and family told me I couldn’t possibly upgrade. I even met an agent friend who said I couldn’t do it. For a few months I thought they were right. Until one day I saw HDBHero on Youtube. Jumpa and planned. Now I’m paying the same monthly instalment like my old 3 room flat. I’m in a 121 square metres renovated HDB flat, I spent $0 on renovation and only bought furniture. This is what I like to call a ‘Free Upgrade’. Don’t listen to your friends who engage the same agents with the same plan. HDBHero will probably give you a different plan.

Mr Marzuki, from 3A to 5I

Plan to Buy Before You Sell

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One advice to upgraders: Not all agents are equal.

2 agents. Yes that was how many agents we engaged before HDBHero. The other 2 agents didn’t even understand ‘mortgage interest’ and how it could have affected me after I’m 75. Nasib baiklah I didn’t go with the others because my whole family (especially me) would have suffered. Now I can focus on paying off this Maisonette home before I turn 47 years old.

Mr Zahid, from 4A to EM

I thought HDBHero was expensive

I wanted the best. So I googled, researched and followed HDBHero on Youtube. Wanted to engage him but worried if their pricing is expensive. But if I just “whack” and engage any other agent then maybe it would be a more expensive mistake kan? Sadly macam takde 2nd choice so we asked friends who engaged him and guess what? They charge THE SAME fees similar to other normal agents! We didn’t compromise and yes, as expected, we are happy owners of an Executive Flat in Sengkang without a single cent cash top-up.

Mr Yusry, from 4A to EA

What if we are out of job for 6 months?

They planned out clearly dari start sampai habis. HDB loan or Bank loan? Why? Deposit berapa? How to pay off before kita reach 50 years old? What if kita out of job 6 months? How do we pay the instalment? It’s time our property agents plan like this 2 guys.

Mr Ashraf, from 2A to 4A

Plan to Buy Before You Sell

Ask Us First. Whatsapp Us

Don’t Upgrade Before Knowing The Following


Exact Monthly Payment

Know exactly your monthly installment so you can better plan your finances.


Fully Pay With CPF or Cash

Know how much is your monthly instalment or how much cash EXACTLY must you top-up.


Pay Off 100% Before 55 or Earlier

Know the exact plan to pay in full before you stop working or semi retire maybe even before 50.


Exact 'Cash in Hand' After Everything

Know exactly your ‘Cash Bersih or Nett Cash Proceeds’ after paying for agent fees, taxes and HDB admin and legal payments


Set Aside Some Savings as Reserves

How to set aside 6-12 Months worth of monthly installment due to job loss, job transition or changes in household income

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