A Maisonette Was His Dream Home

“Growing up I would get excited to go to my aunt’s maisonette at Tampines. I always thought to myself about how lucky she was to be living in such a nice house. I didn’t expect to be able to afford it without worry now.” 

Assumptions, Fake Stories & Fear

“I always thought that as a single income earner I couldn’t afford to upgrade. Even if I could, I would need to pay off the new loan until after I retire.

Zahid didn’t want to simply listen but he wanted to do his research, he said:

“I have 3 young children and Heikal HDBHero did the calculations and ensured I had back up reserve funds to pay for my house after I upgrade and I can fully pay the house FASTER than my current 4 room BTO flat”

Choosing The Right Property Planner

“I’ve known Heikal since his National Service and ever since he ORD I’ve been noticing his progress in the real estate business”

“When I had thoughts of upgrading I had a few ‘strong’ options of choice but I’m glad I spoke to Heikal”

“We got an EM in Elias for $605k when the market was $630. Heikal personally door knocked a few houses to find a willing seller”

HDBHero + Team + Zahid = Success

Zahid worked with HDBhero from day 1 from the planning to the execution everything went as planned.

Calculations were accurate right from the first day and there wasn’t any ‘bill-shock’ of any kind.

We secured a 15 year loan for his Maisonette instead of his 30 year loan on his 4 room flat. In the end it was well worth it for Zahid and family living in the house of their dreams with a short 15 year loan.

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